Vintage Community Church in Portishead and Agape Pentecostal Church in Constanța (pronounced Constanza) Region in Romania have developed a partnership to help to get young people in the Region into school.

In Romania the Government provide a child allowance for each child who attends school. Life in rural area is not easy, families are large, and work is very hard to find because there is no industry locally. The Government tries to encourage the young people to stay in school, so this child allowance is provided only to children who stay in education. The allowance is £20 per child per month. So, if a family has 4 children or more, this financial aid makes a huge difference. The difficulty is families who are in need can’t afford the equipment that is required to get their children into education.

Our aim as a church is to get children into school, because we believe every child deserves the opportunity of an education.

School supplies and uniform are expensive and the number of young people that Agape Church Romania attempt to support is between 60-100 in every village.

Vintage Community Church is sending a team of 12 to Constanța Region in April 2019. In preparation for the trip we are launching an appeal for items to deliver as part of the trip. This is where you could help:

‘Provide Education for a Child by Providing a Uniform and Backpack filled with School Essentials’.

The Church in Portishead will be opening a “Pop-Up Shop” each Sunday in March 2019 between 930am and 11am, in Somerset Hall, to enable you to purchase supplies to be sent to Romania. This consists of a backpack containing all of the necessary supplies that a young person in secondary school is required to have. This includes a sturdy backpack, stationery items, exercise books and hand sanitiser. We have managed to keep the cost of these packs to around £20 each.

Items are available to purchase from 50p - £20 for the full back pack.

In addition, children need to purchase their own text books. Unlike the UK, the curriculum can differ for every age group and every teacher.  A complete set of books costs around £25 per child.

School Uniform

Another hugely important aspect of school life is uniform. Children are not able to attend school without the required uniform. We are looking for donations of clothing suitable for young people aged 11-16:

·       Black/dark grey/dark blue school trousers or skirt

·       Plain white shirt or polo shirt

·       Blue v-neck sweater or cardigan

·       Socks

If you would like to donate good condition used or new items from the list please drop this into Vintage Church, Somerset Hall on any Sunday during March between 9.30-11.00am.